Plan de Trabajo

Este es el programa de Trabajo del e-twinning para el curso 2011-2012:



DECEMBER Presentation: ourselves, our school, etwinning team
DECEMBER Christmas, new year in our region
JANUARY Worth to see places of our region
JANUARY Regional songs and dances
FEBRUARY Regional foods and beverages
FEBRUARY Regional clothes
MARCH Regional children and adult games
MARCH Famous Historical person from our region
APRIL Mines that are in our close to our region
APRIL The effects of mines to the regional economy, Interviews with the miners (if possible)
MAY Entertaintment and Sport Facilities of Our Region
MAY Festivals and National Days of Our Region
JUNE A Wedding Ceremony from Our Region
JUNE Legends of Our Cities
SEPTEMBER Gathering photos and other documents that partners added to twinspace (Only one of us will do it)
OCTOBER Publishing a web site or a digital magazine